10th Anniversary Concert

"Hi what a wonderful concert! I think it was the best introduction I’ve ever seen/heard I was so moved by the passion and positive energy flowing from the stage, it literally brought tears to my eyes."

K Cubin.


10th Anniversary Concert

Dear Una May and Amika Choir,

I travelled from London for the concert and want to congratulate the whole choir on an enjoyable and inspiring evening. For me the African songs were the highlight as it reminded me of thirty years of joining in freedom songs in protests outside South Africa House and elsewhere during the apartheid years.... Not that we managed to achieve the standards of Amika!

I loved all the solo voices and I am sure every choir in Leicestershire would be green with envy if they knew you had a counter-tenor in your midst.
The standard you have reached with the choir members relying solely on memory is a tribute to your wonderful skill, Una. Long may the choir continue.

Thank you all for an uplifting evening, S. Cohen